Qurbani Eid with Kishwar

Kishwar Chowdhury Bio

When Kishwar started her journey in master chef Australia season 13, her Bangladeshi heritage was on her top of mind as a result, we saw one after another Bangladeshi dishes enter the MasterChef kitchen.

Throughout her journey, Kishwar dished out delicate Bangladeshi dishes like Beef kalabhuna, Mutton Rezala and mach bhaapa, which were special dishes we cook. But she had also dared to put also our regular dishes like Khichuri, Begun bhorta etc to our favorite fuchka-chotpoti.The biggest free-fall was to put Panta Bhaat, Aloo Bhorta & fish fry on a season finale, which brought her perfect 10’s from all 3 judges.

Kishwar has merged her heritage, her family recipes and her mastery of blending spices, using ingredients of the world all of these and created one magic after another. She took Bangladeshi cuisine to the world and made our mundane everyday dishes to a point of delicacy. She took her country to the world with pride and nailed it.

Her dream to publish a cookbook with Bangladeshi recipe just got a firm foothold with Kishwar being the 2nd runners up.