Why Bengal Meat

Fresh. Halal. Hygienic.



From the very beginning our core mission has been to bring the safest and best quality meat to your table. Every single product that leaves our factory goes through rigorous processes to uphold our commitment towards complete food safety and quality.







Our meats go from farm to shelf through a, maintained at a steady 0-4*C. This keeps the meats all important original tenderness intact by avoiding cold shortening and helps it to reach the right pH level.This keeps the meat fresh and juicy, killing most pathogenic bacteria and restricting microbial growth.







All our products and processing methods are supervised by Bangladesh Islamic Foundation certified personnel.We maintain the 8 key Halal quality control points. That’s why we have international Halal certifications.






With HACCP, AJA and UKAS certification our meats are the safest meat in the country. Our farm maintains a controlled and sterile environment in every step of processing.





Located in Kashinathpur, Pabna because of its reputation for producing the best quality livestock in Bangladesh, Bengal Meat?s establishment is spread across 30-acre area. Processing plant is a state of the art facility with 70,000 sft of production floor the infrastructure was laid down and overseen with Australian Expertise.




8 Step Value Addition



At Bengal Meat, food safety is always our priority. We maintain a strict 8 step value chain starting from animal sourcing and extending to ante-mortem, slaughtering, post-mortem, fabrication, chilling and distribution .







The Cool Chain


We employ an uninterrupted cool chain for our products. This is what sets Bengal Meat apart. Right after the slaughter, the carcass is washed with high pressured watately shiftthechiller.
We employ an uninterrupted cool chain for our products. This is what sets Bengal Meat apart. Right after the






Our dedicated employees are trained by an expert team from Australia and maintain a strict code of conduct and ethical practice. The team is led by Wayne Gaskell, a veteran chef and meat expert from Australia with a long track record.